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About us!

Goodwill Trading & Associates is the premiere trading group on 2b2t. Here at Goodwill Trading we are all about reputation. By joining our discord you can facilitate trades, and ask about another players reputation. Goodwill Trading has a vast supply of resources at our disposal. If you are wondering if an item is available for sale or trade, just ask! Chances are we will have exactly what you are looking for, and a secure transaction can be set up. As of this moment we currently have fake ass trade counter that goes up every second confirmed trades!

Screenshot taken at Goodwill Tradings origin outpost, around 50k from spawn.
Left to right: Jumbo, Rimmy, Jumbo (alt) Cris and Tanaxis. No Bittercynic & Niels though. ☹
Succesfull trades done


Imp town with Offtopia's Castle in the background.
Unsplashed background img 3